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DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The "Monthly PriceWatch Report - Energy Complex, Textile Chemicals, Chemical & Natural Fibers, and Filaments & Yarns" newsletter has been added to Research and Markets' offering.

This Monthly PriceWatch Report is a widely used market information report which covers close to 80 price quotes across upstream and downstream sectors in Asia pacific, Europe, and the USA. Apart from pricing, it also covers commentary on market sentiment, price drivers, key policy changes, anti-dumping, duties, etc.

The publisher has over 19 years experience in providing pricing information, news, analysis and customised reports on various textile value chains to various stake holders. Their tracking mechanism covers the entire spectrum of energy complex, textile chemicals, chemical and natural fibers, filaments and yarns.

Key Features:

  • Structured tabulation of pricing in terms of spot, FOB, CFR, C&F, Futures, buy-sell ideas, Contract Prices
  • Comprehensive coverage of upstream and downstream pricing data
  • Intuitive graphic presentation
  • Price spread and baseline deviation
  • Objective coverage of What is happening in markets currently
  • Analysis of market sentiment, price drivers and trends

Five Key Reasons to Buy This Report:

  • Keeps you updated month after month on market fluctuations and price drivers
  • Empowers you to take informed commercial decisions and long-term strategic planning
  • Ensures your suppliers sell to you at the right price
  • Ensures your pricing is competitive
  • Globally trusted price reporting

Target Audience:

  • Producers and buyers of textiles commodities
  • Apparel and garment makers and suppliers
  • Textile machinery suppliers
  • Textile chemical buyers and sellers
  • Textile accessories supplier
  • Traders and merchandisers in textile value chain
  • Government agencies
  • Financial institutions
  • Professional service providers
  • Consultants and advisors

Key Topics Covered:

1. Notes for the PriceWatch Report

2. Confidentiality Statement

3. Crude Oil & Naptha

  • Polyester Chain
    • Paraxylene
    • Ethylene
    • Purified Terephthalic Acid
    • Mono Ethylene Glycol
    • Polyester Chips
    • Polyester Chips
    • Polyester Filament Yarn
  • Nylon Chain
    • Benzene
    • Caprolactum
    • Nylon Chips
    • Nylon Filament Yarn
  • Acrylic Chain
    • Propylene
    • Acrylonitrile
    • Acrylic Staple Fibre
  • Viscose Chain
    • Viscose Staple Fibre
    • Viscose Filament Yarn
    • Dissolving Pulp

4. Cotton

  • Spun Yarn
    • 100% Cotton Spun Yarn
    • 100% Polyester Spun Yarn
    • 100% Viscose Spun Yarn
    • Polyester / Cotton Blended Yarn
    • Polyester / Viscose Blended Yarn

Product and Markets Covered:

  • Energy
  • Polyester chain
  • Nylon chain
  • Acrylic chain
  • Viscose chain
  • Cotton chain
  • Wool
  • 100% Cotton Spun Yarn
  • 100% Polyester spun Yarn
  • 100% Viscose Spun Yarn
  • Polyester / Viscose Blended Yarn
  • Polyester / Cotton Blended Yarn

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 737882.


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