ISRI board approves proposed changes to shelmo and ropes specifications

The board of directors of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), Washington, has approved amendments to existing nonferrous specifications for shredded electric motors (shelmo) and wheel weights (ropes) at its Winter Meeting Feb. 1. These specification changes are intended to more accurately reflect the nonferrous scrap commodities currently being traded in the marketplace, ISRI says.

The proposed modifications:

1) change the maximum allowable amount of aluminum-wound material in the shelmo specification from 10 percent to 5 percent; and

2) change the ropes specification title from “Wheel Weights” to “Lead Wheel Weights.”

Any party may submit to ISRI a written appeal of the ISRI boardÂ’s approval of these changes up to 30 days after publication of this notice. ISRI says written appeals must provide a rationale and a request for action.

Once finalized, the new specification will be included in ISRIÂ’s Scrap Specifications Circular, which provides industry guidelines for buying and selling a variety of processed scrap commodities, including ferrous, nonferrous, paper, plastics, electronics, rubber and glass.

To submit comments, recommendations or questions please contact ISRI’s Joe Pickard at 

» Publication Date: 12/02/2018

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