PEF compliance for Radigreenģ synthetic turf yarn study

Certiquality has recently issued a¬†Product Environmental¬†Footprint (PEF) Statement of¬†Compliance to¬†Tessiture Pietro Radici¬†for¬†its Radigreen¬ģ MFL¬†PE, a¬†yarn ideal¬†for¬†the¬†manufacture of¬†synthetic turf. In¬†line with¬†the¬†RadiciGroup sustainability strategy (the¬†first Group PEF certification dates back to¬†2013), Tessiture Pietro Radici, a¬†Group company engaged in¬†the¬†production of¬†artificial¬†grass yarn, decided to¬†pursue the¬†approach of¬†voluntary environmental¬†impact measurement of¬†its products.

The¬†PEF Statement of¬†Compliance refers to¬†a¬†study of¬†the¬†entire yarn production process¬†? from¬†the¬†extraction of¬†crude oil¬†to¬†the¬†production of¬†polyethylene polymer (used as¬†raw material¬†for¬†the¬†process), down¬†to¬†the¬†manufacture of¬†yarn ready for¬†delivery to¬†customers. It is a¬†short, traceable production chain, in¬†which the¬†environmental¬†impacts are measured for¬†each and¬†every process phase. The¬†results attest to¬†the¬†fact that¬†the¬†environmental¬†impact of¬†the¬†Radigreen¬ģ MFL¬†PE production process is among¬†the¬†lowest in¬†the¬†synthetic turf yarn market. With¬†the¬†EU Commission Recommendation 2013/179/EU, the¬†European Union introduced the¬†Product Environmental¬†Footprint (PEF) method for¬†the¬†calculation, assessment and¬†third party validation of¬†the¬†environmental¬†impacts of¬†products and¬†services along¬†their entire life cycle.

?We live in¬†a¬†context in¬†which there is much talk about¬†sustainability and¬†reducing the¬†environmental¬†impact of¬†industrial¬†activities, but¬†there is also a¬†need for¬†harmonising the¬†diverse measurement methodologies available today,? stressed Enrico Buriani, managing director of¬†Tessiture Pietro Radici. ?By¬†adopting the¬†methodology recommended by¬†the¬†EU, we aim¬†to¬†be as¬†transparent as¬†possible with¬†our customers: we supply them¬†with¬†reliable and¬†comparable environmental¬†data, in¬†light of¬†continuous improvement in¬†performance. Our Radigreen¬ģ yarns are all 100% recyclable and, as¬†such, contribute to¬†the¬†recyclability of¬†synthetic turf at¬†the¬†end of¬†its life,? Mr. Buriani¬†added. ?With¬†the¬†PEF methodology, we are able to¬†supply accurate identity cards of¬†our products, certified by¬†Certiquality, an¬†impartial¬†third-party verifier.?

Source: RadiciGroup

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 737882.


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