Biocides in Textiles: 2018 Global Industry Analysis with Forecasts Through 2019-2024 -

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This report provides in depth information on the market for biocide products within Textiles. It includes detailed market analyses and discussions of industry trends. It assesses the impact of current and emerging regulations on the biocides used.

The report develops forecasts for biocides from 2019 through 2024. It discusses the efforts of biocide manufacturers and formulators in launching new biocide formulations to meet changing market requirements, for example antidustmite formulations in bedding and carpets.

The report also provides an overview for biocides for each of the major geographical regions. It provides value and volume data for different biocides. In addition, the report provides a summary of each of the biocides that are being used to control microbes within consumer and industrial applications. Industry influences on the biocides market are also discussed.

The scope of the study is worldwide. The overview section provides extended definitions of the biocides to provide the reader with a clear understanding of the technology involved. In addition, this section provides an analysis of biocide consumption by application and region. There is a profile of an ideal biocide as outlined by end users.

The company profiles section includes a detailed discussion of the companies that have pioneered biocide development and examines how their available products and services are setting the standards for preservation.

In this report more than 30 companies are discussed, and 10 of the most important companies are examined in depth. The base year for this study is 2017. Figures are based on revenue figures at the manufacturers' level and also at the formulated products level and are projected at 2017-U.S. dollar value.

This report answers these sector questions:

  • What are the future directions of the biocide industry'
  • What are the most important biocides being used in end user applications today'
  • What are the most promising biocides'
  • What impact will regulations have on biocides consumption'

This report includes application sector strategic analysis including:

  • Industry Overview
  • Biocide comparison and market shares
  • Evolution and adoption of trends
  • Leading suppliers and distribution channels
  • Increased Regulatory Impact on Business and Technology
  • End-user analysis and what biocides they are using
  • Licensing Deals
  • Alliances
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Key Topics Covered


1.1 Market Dimensions by Application

1.2 Market Dimensions by Region

1.3 Requirements of a Biocide

1.4 End-User Analysis (Biocide Customers)

1.5 Biocide Comparison

1.6 Biocide Consumption

1.7 Distribution Channels

1.8 Biocide Manufacturers

1.9 Value Added Analysis

1.10 Regulatory Analysis

1.11 Trends within Biocides

1.12 Future Growth for Biocides


2.1 Objectives

2.2 Methodology

2.3 Accuracy of the information

2.4 Definitions


3.1 Biocides in Textiles - America

3.1.1 Executive Summary

3.1.2 Target Market

3.1.3 Biocide Comparison (Application Rate, Price)

3.1.4 Biocide Consumption at Active Manufacture and Formulated Level

3.1.5 Margin Analysis for Biocides along the Supply Chain

3.1.6 Biocide Suppliers in $ Million

3.1.7 End-user Analysis

3.1.8 Leading End-users and Biocides used

3.2 Biocides in Textiles - Asia

3.2.1 Executive Summary

3.2.2 Target Market

3.2.3 Biocide Comparison (Application Rate, Price)

3.2.4 Biocide Consumption at Active Manufacture and Formulated Level

3.2.5 Margin Analysis for Biocides along the Supply Chain

3.2.6 Biocide Suppliers in $ Million

3.2.7 End-user Analysis

3.2.8 Leading End-users and Biocides used

3.3 Biocides in Textiles - Europe

3.3.1 Executive Summary

3.3.2 Target Market

3.3.3 Biocide Comparison (Application Rate, Price)

3.3.4 Biocide Consumption at Active Manufacture and Formulated Level

3.3.5 Margin Analysis for Biocides along the Supply Chain

3.3.6 Biocide Suppliers in $ Million

3.3.7 End-user Analysis

3.3.8 Leading End-users and Biocides used


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» Publication Date: 19/11/2018

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 737882.


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