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23/02/2018 - Durable antimicrobial cotton textiles coated sonochemically with ZnO nanoparticles embedded in an in-situ enzymatically generated bioadhesive
22/02/2018 - Efficient secretion of three fungal laccases from Saccharomyces cerevisiae and their potential for decolorization of textile industry effluent—A comparative study (pages 69–80)
22/02/2018 - Bleaching of cotton fabric with tetraacetylhydrazine as bleach activator for H2O2
22/02/2018 - Advanced solid-state NMR methods for characterising structure and self-assembly in supramolecular chemistry, polymers and hydrogels
22/02/2018 - Condensed tannin from Dioscorea cirrhosa tuber as an eco-friendly and durable flame retardant for silk textile
21/02/2018 - Compatibilization improves physico-mechanical properties of biodegradable biobased polymer composites
21/02/2018 - A meso-scale simulation framework for predicting the mechanical response of triaxial braided composites
21/02/2018 - Intra-ply yarn sliding defect in hemisphere preforming of a woven preform
21/02/2018 - The effect interleaving has on thin-ply non-crimp fabric laminate impact response: X-ray tomography investigation
21/02/2018 - Optical excitation thermography for twill/plain weaves and stitched fabric dry carbon fibre preform inspection
21/02/2018 - Experimental and numerical investigation of jointed self-centering concrete walls with friction connectors
20/02/2018 - Influence of Aflammit KWB on the Process of Pyrolysis and the Properties of Cellulose Fabrics
20/02/2018 - Effect of Climatic Factors on the Results of Bench Field Tests of Fabric Weathering
19/02/2018 - Properties-morphology relationships in electrospun mats based on polylactic acid and graphene nanoplatelets
19/02/2018 - Permeability and Capillary Effects in a Channel-wise Non-Crimp Fabric
19/02/2018 - Flexible strain sensor based on aerogel-spun carbon nanotube yarn with a core-sheath structure
19/02/2018 - Improving the Accuracy of the Uniaxial Bias Extension Test on Engineering Fabrics Using a Simple Wrinkle Mitigation Technique
16/02/2018 - Highly flexible and ultra-thin Ni-plated carbon-fabric/polycarbonate film for enhanced electromagnetic interference shielding
16/02/2018 - Fabrication and characterization of hollow nanofibrous PA6 yarn reinforced with CNTs
15/02/2018 - Al alloy/Ti3SiC2 composites fabricated by pressureless infiltration with melt-spun Al alloy ribbons
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