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12/11/2018 - Investigation on vulcanization degree and residual stress on fabric rubber composites
12/11/2018 - Mechanical Performance of Bio?Waste?Filled Carbon Fabric/Epoxy Composites
09/11/2018 - A study on carbon fiber reinforced poly(lactic acid)/polycarbonate composites
09/11/2018 - Flexural Behavior of Carbon Textile-Reinforced Geopolymer Composite Thin Plate
09/11/2018 - Tuning the surface grooves of carbon fibers by dry-jet gel-spinning
07/11/2018 - Microwave Assisted Preparation of Flame Resistant Cotton Using Economic Inorganic Materials
07/11/2018 - A Review of Fusible Interlinings Usage in Garment Manufacture
07/11/2018 - Prismatic RC columns externally confined with FRP sheets and pre-tensioned basalt fiber ropes under cyclic axial load
07/11/2018 - Investigating the mechanism of downslope bentonite erosion in GCL liners using X-Ray CT
05/11/2018 - Effect of Cotton Cationization Using Copolymer Nanospheres on Ink-Jet Printing of Different Fabrics
05/11/2018 - Improvement of thermal behaviors of biodegradable poly(lactic acid) polymer: A review
05/11/2018 - Role of interface formation versus fibres properties in the mechanical behaviour of bio-based composites manufactured by Liquid Composite Molding processes
02/11/2018 - Interfacial Adhesion and Mechanical Properties of PET Fabric/PVC Composites Enhanced by SiO2/Tributyl Citrate Hybrid Sizing
31/10/2018 - Distinct responses of nanostructured layered muscovite to uniform and nonuniform straining
31/10/2018 - Silk as a Natural Reinforcement: Processing and Properties of Silk/Epoxy Composite Laminates
31/10/2018 - An efficient homogenization technique for fiber tows in textile composites with emphasis on directionally dependent nonlinear stress–strain behavior
31/10/2018 - Effects of hybridization on the mechanical properties of composites reinforced by piassava fibers tissue
31/10/2018 - Evaluation of ultimate conditions of concrete confined by GFRP wire jackets
31/10/2018 - Enhancement of mechanical properties of CFRP manufactured by using electro-activated deposition resin molding method with the application of CNF without hydrophobic treatment
31/10/2018 - High Sensitive CNT Imbedded Knit Fabrics for Heat Comfort
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