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19/10/2017 - HydrothermallyActivated Graphene Fiber Fabrics forTextile Electrodes of Supercapacitors
19/10/2017 - Performance of sustainable natural yarn reinforced polymer bars for construction applications
19/10/2017 - Can this fabric turn clothes into batteries?
18/10/2017 - Are Gravitational Waves Spinning Down PSR $mathrm{J}1023+0038$?
17/10/2017 - Inherent seismic resilience of RC columns externally confined with nonbonded composite ropes
17/10/2017 - Ambient air plasma pre‐treatment of non‐woven fabrics for deposition of antibacterial poly (l‐lactide) nanoparticles
17/10/2017 - Rational design of CuO nanostructures grown on carbon fiber fabrics with enhanced electrochemical performance for flexible supercapacitor
16/10/2017 - Largely improved toughness of poly(lactic acid) by unique electrospun fiber network structure of thermoplastic polyurethane
16/10/2017 - Deployment strategies for planar multi-tethered satellite formation
16/10/2017 - Permanent antimicrobial cotton fabrics obtained by surface treatment with modified guanidine
16/10/2017 - Chitosan-edible oil based materials as upgraded adsorbents for textile dyes
16/10/2017 - Core–shell nanocapsules containing essential oil for textile application
13/10/2017 - A progressive intraply material deterioration and delamination based failure model for the crashworthiness of fabric composite corrugated beam: Parameter sensitivity analysis
13/10/2017 - Improving the delamination resistance of carbon fiber/epoxy composites by brushing and abrading of the woven fabrics
13/10/2017 - Study of the microstructure and flexural behavior of cementitious composites reinforced by surface modified carbon textiles
11/10/2017 - Intensification of the chlor-alkali process by using a spinning disc membrane electrolyzer
10/10/2017 - FullyStretchable Textile Triboelectric Nanogeneratorwith Knitted Fabric Structures
10/10/2017 - Experimental investigation of substandard RC columns confined with SRG jackets under compression
10/10/2017 - Effect of processing parameters of the continuous wet spinning system on the crystal phase of PVDF fibers
09/10/2017 - Electrical Textile Valves for Paper Microfluidics
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