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20/03/2019 - Kilogram scale chemical synthesis of 2?-fucosyllactose
20/03/2019 - A unified framework for the multi-scale computational homogenisation 3D-textile composites
20/03/2019 - Mechanical and Cytocompatibility Evaluation of UHMWPE/PCL/Bioglass® Fibrous Composite for Acetabular Labrum Implant
20/03/2019 - WO3 in suit embed into MIL-101 for enhancement charge carrier separation of photocatalyst
19/03/2019 - Tests on seismic performance of corroded reinforced concrete shear walls repaired with basalt fiber-reinforced polymers
19/03/2019 - Synthesis, Characterization, and Antibacterial Activity of Ag2O-Loaded Polyethylene Terephthalate Fabric via Ultrasonic Method
18/03/2019 - Damage performance and compressive behavior of early-age green concrete with recycled nylon fiber fabric under an axial load
15/03/2019 - Structure and properties of carboxymethyl cotton fabric loaded by reduced graphene oxide
15/03/2019 - Interaction of Surface Energy Components between Solid and Liquid on Wettability, and Its Application to Textile Anti-Wetting Finish
14/03/2019 - Effect of Superheated Steam Treatment on the Mechanical Properties and Dimensional Stability of PALF/PLA Biocomposite
13/03/2019 - Effect of polyethylene glycol on mechanical properties of bamboo fiber?reinforced polylactic acid composites
13/03/2019 - Enhancement of the Oil Absorption Capacity of Poly(Lactic Acid) Nano Porous Fibrous Membranes Derived via a Facile Electrospinning Method
13/03/2019 - Effect of iron doping on the properties of SnO2 nano/microfibers
13/03/2019 - Production of Metal-Organic Framework-Bearing Polystyrene Fibers by Solution Blow Spinning
13/03/2019 - Facile construction of robust superhydrophobic cotton textiles for effective UV protection, self-cleaning and oil-water separation
13/03/2019 - Central crack tearing test and fracture parameter determination of PTFE coated fabric
13/03/2019 - Fabrication of hybrid matrix/silane modified carbon fabric composites and study of their mechanical properties
13/03/2019 - Design of polyurethane fibers: Relation between the spinning technique and the resulting fiber topology
12/03/2019 - In-Plane Permeability Characterization of Engineering Textiles Based On Radial Flow Experiments: A Benchmark Exercise
12/03/2019 - PVDF nanofibers obtained by solution blow spinning with use of a commercial airbrush
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