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23/05/2019 - Effects of raster angle on the mechanical properties of PLA and Al/PLA composite part produced by fused deposition modeling
23/05/2019 - Prediction of non-linear mechanical behavior of shear deformed twill woven composites based on a multi-scale progressive damage model
22/05/2019 - Manufacturing and characterization of sustainable hybrid composites using sisal and hemp fibres as reinforcement of poly (lactic acid) via injection moulding
22/05/2019 - Moisture diffusion and damage characteristics of carbon fabric reinforced polyamide 6 laminates under hydrothermal aging
22/05/2019 - Author Correction: Surfactant/organic solvent free single-step engineering of hybrid graphene-Pt/TiO2 nanostructure: Efficient photocatalytic system for the treatment of wastewater coming from textile industries
21/05/2019 - Monitoring the Joint Area of Composite Membrane Materials
21/05/2019 - Development of Oxygen-Plasma-Surface-Treated UHMWPE Fabric Coated with a Mixture of SiC/Polyurethane for Protection against Puncture and Needle Threats
21/05/2019 - Synthetized Potato Starch—A New Eco Sizing Agent for Cotton Yarns
20/05/2019 - Reinforcing mechanisms of natural fibers in green composites: Role of fibers morphology in a PLA/hemp model system
20/05/2019 - Enhancing durability of Poly(lactic acid) composites by nucleated modification
20/05/2019 - Threads Made with Blended Biopolymers: Mechanical, Physical and Biological Features
20/05/2019 - Direct Spinning of CNT fibres: past, present and future scale up
20/05/2019 - Semiconductor–Metal Transition in Poly(3,4?Ethylenedioxythiophene): Poly(Styrenesulfonate) and its Electrical Conductivity While Being Stretched
17/05/2019 - Structure-Morphology Impact upon Segmental Dynamics and Diffusion in the Biodegradable Ultrafine Fibers of Polyhydroxybutyrate-Polylactide blends
17/05/2019 - Nanocomposite polyester fabrics with in situ generated silver nanoparticles using tamarind leaf extract reducing agent
17/05/2019 - Experimental Study on Flexural Behavior of TRM-Strengthened RC Beam: Various Types of Textile-Reinforced Mortar with Non-Impregnated Textile
17/05/2019 - Bond Fatigue of TRC with Epoxy Impregnated Carbon Textiles
15/05/2019 - In situ prepared polyamide 6/DOPO-derivative nanocomposite for melt-spinning of flame retardant textile filaments
13/05/2019 - Full title: Characterization of PBS/PLA blends with in-situ sub-micron fibers and intercalation structure manufacturing by volumetric pulsating elongation flow
13/05/2019 - Shape memory effect on electrospun PLA-based fibers tailoring their thermal response
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