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20/09/2018 - Fabrication of stable fluorine-free superhydrophobic fabrics for anti-adhesion and self-cleaning properties
20/09/2018 - Pyrolysis of textile dyeing sludge in fluidized bed: characterization and analysis of pyrolysis products
19/09/2018 - Cutting Load of a Single-Edged Knife as a Function of Number of Layers of Ballistic Fabrics and Various External Factors
19/09/2018 - On the Selection of Technical Devices for an Electric Fork Lift Control System for Use at Textile Material Warehouses
17/09/2018 - Electrospinning of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate/Poly(Lactic Acid) Blends on a Water Surface
17/09/2018 - Model and Energy Aspects for Propagation of Strain and Mechanical Stresses in Textile Fabrics
17/09/2018 - Hydrogenation of Spinning Solutions in the Spinning of Aramid Fibers
17/09/2018 - Preparation and properties of silver nanocomposite fabrics with in situ-generated silver nano particles using red sanders powder extract as reducing agent
17/09/2018 - Conductive Cotton by In Situ Laccase-Polymerization of Aniline
17/09/2018 - Dyeing Property and Adsorption Kinetics of Reactive Dyes for Cotton Textiles in Salt-Free Non-Aqueous Dyeing Systems
17/09/2018 - Basic Dye Removal with Sorption onto Low-Cost Natural Textile Fibers
17/09/2018 - Fabrication of highly conductive graphene particle?coated fiber yarns using polymeric binders through efficient coating techniques
17/09/2018 - Active control of a rod-net formwork system prototype
17/09/2018 - On the use of a novel nanoporous polyethylene (nanoPE) passive cooling material for personal thermal comfort management under uniform indoor environments
17/09/2018 - Damage mechanisms under static and fatigue loading at locally compacted regions in a high pressure resin transfer molded carbon fiber non-crimp fabric
17/09/2018 - RUC-based multi-scale model for braid-reinforced polymers: Application to coil springs
17/09/2018 - Dynamic simulation and optimization of clamping mechanism of online tension testing machine for wire ropes
17/09/2018 - Geotextiles and Geomembranes: Best papers in 2017
14/09/2018 - Natural fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composites from woven-nonwoven textile preforms: Mechanical and fire performance study
14/09/2018 - Modelling process induced deformations in 0/90 non-crimp fabrics at the meso-scale
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