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18/06/2018 - Core-shell structured carbon nanofibers yarn@polypyrrole@graphene for high performance all-solid-state fiber supercapacitors
18/06/2018 - FRCM/internal transverse shear reinforcement interaction in shear strengthened RC beams
18/06/2018 - Influence of environmental loading on the tensile and cracking behaviour of textile reinforced cementitious composites
18/06/2018 - Vapourised hydrogen peroxide (VHP) and ethylene oxide (EtO) methods for disinfecting historical cotton textiles from the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in OÅ?wiÄ?cim, Poland
18/06/2018 - A Numerical and Experimental Study on a Pre-Twisted Ring Spinning System
15/06/2018 - Compression Garments for Medical Therapy and Sports
14/06/2018 - Tensile Creep Behavior of Quasi-Unidirectional E-Glass Fabric Reinforced Polypropylene Composite
13/06/2018 - Mechanical, interfacial, and fracture characteristics of poly (lactic acid) and Moringa oleifera fiber composites
13/06/2018 - Morphological, Mechanical, and Thermal Characterization of Poly(Lactic Acid)/Cellulose Multifilament Fibers Prepared by Melt Spinning
13/06/2018 - Polylactic acid–agave fiber biocomposites produced by rotational molding: A comparative study with compression molding
13/06/2018 - Wear Behavior of Chitosan?Filled Polylactic Acid/Basalt Fiber Hybrid Composites
13/06/2018 - Clothing comfort during physical exercise – Determining the critical factors
13/06/2018 - Solid?State Supercapacitor Fabricated in a Single Woven Textile Layer for E?Textiles Applications
13/06/2018 - O Phase Precipitation and Variant Selection in Ti–22Al–25Nb Alloy during the Hot Shear Spinning
13/06/2018 - Effect of Random Void Defects on the Mechanical Behavior of C/C Braided Composites
13/06/2018 - Janus Fabric with Self?Propelled Directional Wetting Patterns Induced by Light and Temperature
13/06/2018 - Influence of Soluble Electrospun Co?Polyethersulfone Veils on Dynamic Mechanical and Morphological Properties of Epoxy Composites: Effect of Polymer Molar Mass
13/06/2018 - Bioactive nanofibrous structures based on hyaluronic acid
13/06/2018 - Theoretical analysis of the spunbond process and its applications for polypropylenes
13/06/2018 - Effect of blast furnace slag content on mechanical and slurry abrasion behavior of needle?punched nonwoven fabric reinforced epoxy composites
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