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20/06/2019 - Electrically conductive silver/polyimide fabric composites fabricated by spray-assisted electroless plating
20/06/2019 - Experimental study and benchmarking of 3D textile reinforced cement composites
20/06/2019 - Fast and accurate bending modulus prediction of 3D woven composites via experimental modal analysis
18/06/2019 - Preparation and characterization of polyester fabrics coated with TiO2/Benzotriazole for UV protection
17/06/2019 - Hydrophobic treatment of woven cotton fabrics with polyurethane modified aminosilicone emulsions
17/06/2019 - Effect of graphene oxide concentration on flexural properties of CFRP at low temperature
17/06/2019 - A flexible, conductive and simple pressure sensor prepared by electroless silver plated polyester fabric
17/06/2019 - Effect of fiber architecture on tensile fracture of 3D woven textile composites
17/06/2019 - Bond behavior of basalt textile meshes in ultra-high ductility cementitious composites
17/06/2019 - Molecular dynamics simulation and size dependent cylindrical shell models for vibrations of spinning axially loaded carbon nanotubes
14/06/2019 - Microfluidic spinning of poly (methyl methacrylate)/konjac glucomannan active food packaging films based on hydrophilic/hydrophobic strategy
14/06/2019 - In-Plane Behavior of Auxetic Non-Woven Fabric Based on Rotating Square Unit Geometry under Tensile Load
12/06/2019 - Predicting failure load of a non-crimp fabric composite by means of a 3D finite element model including progressive damage
12/06/2019 - Towards balancing in-plane mechanical properties and impact damage tolerance of composite laminates using quasi-UD woven fabrics with hybrid warp yarns
12/06/2019 - Development of sustainable and reusable silver nanoparticle-coated glass for the treatment of contaminated water
12/06/2019 - Polyamide 6 and thermoplastic polyurethane recycled hybrid Fibres via twin-screw melt extrusion
12/06/2019 - Smart garment energy generators fabricated using stretchable electrospun nanofibers
10/06/2019 - Simultaneous Effects of Hydrostatic Pressure and Dexamethasone Release from Electospun Fibers on Inflammation-Induced Chondrocytes
10/06/2019 - Comparative experimental and numerical analysis of bending behaviour of dry and low viscous infiltrated woven fabrics
10/06/2019 - Reconstruction of Mesostructural Material Twin Models of Engineering Textiles based on Micro-CT Aided Geometric Modeling
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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 737882.


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