Qatari manufacturer of woven sacks, fabric sheets, fabric rolls and custom made products in polypropylene looks for distributors, wholesalers or trade agents

Summary: The Qatari company produces high-quality polypropylene cloth bags, polypropylene fabric tubes, polypropylene fabric rolls and custom designed goods using state-of-the-art manufacturing in Doha, New Industrial City. The organization would like to sign deals with dealers, wholesalers, trading brokers for their goods to be sold on international markets. Description Description: 

The company is a manufacturer and exporter of polypropylene woven sacks, polypropylene fabric sheets, polypropylene fabric rolls, wrapping fabrics and custom made products. They are manufacturing the following items with several sizes:

• Polypropylene woven sacks (width from 20cm to 85cm length from 50cm to 140cm),
• Polypropylene fabric sheets (from 170cm to 200cm),
• Polypropylene fabric rolls (width from 20cm to 85cm length any size),
• Custom made products.

The products quality is tested continuously for maximum performance.

The products can be customized with own logo and or design as per the client requirement. The customized product can be produced in Qatar and send it back to the customer.

The factory is equipped for a large capacity for polypropylene extrusion, tape production, weaving, printing and commercial / industrial bags manufacturing.

The company have a 2000 sqm of storage and have the capacity to produce 4200 metric tons per year. 48 Million bags are produced yearly.

The company is planning to expand its markets and looks for partners introduced in the filling and packing business. The distributors and wholesalers will commercialize the Qatari company range of products in various industries while the trade agents acting on behalf of the Qatari company will promote sales on these markets.

Advantages & innovations Cooperation plus value: â€¢ Latest high quality machineries,• The bags are specially designed for toughness, safety and leak-proof packaging of products,• Part of one of the leading holding in Qatar,• Multicultural professional team,• ISO 9001,• ISO 14001,• OHSAS 18001. Stage of development Cooperation stage dev stage: Already on the market Partner sought Cooperation area: The company is looking for partners, like distributors, wholesalers or trade agents introduced in the filling and packing business who can buy and sale their products on foreign markets for wholesalers and distributors . Under the commercial agency agreement they are looking for partner to represent the interests of the Qatari company in their national market and to act on behalf of the company to promote sales. The final customers in which their products find useful applications are the following industries: plastics & polymer, pharmaceutical, food grain, chemical, fertilizer, cement, sugar, textile, salt. The company can assist the local partner to develop the marketing and communication by providing all necessary brochures and product descriptions. Type and size Cooperation task: SME 11-50,SME

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 737882.



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