A Croatian company offers unique semi-soluble plastic bags for washing contaminated clothing through distribution agreement

Summary: A Croatian company is a producer of semi-soluble plastic bags for washing contaminated clothing based on PE-LD/PVA (granular polyethylene of low density/polyvinyl alcohol) material. In their production program it can be also found bags for washing uncontaminated clothing same as all sorts of plastic packaging products.The company wants to sign distribution services agreement, manufacturing agreement and commercial agency agreement. Description Description: 

This Croatian company has been family owned for more than 30 years. Today company owns more than 20 machines for the production and processing of plastic products. Now, the company wants to own their unique product - semi-soluble plastic bags.
Semi-soluble plastic bags are for washing dirty or contaminated clothing based on PE-LD/PVA material. It is the the only producer in the world that produces high quality and disinfecting products for washing contaminated clothing based on this material. These bags are most commonly used in hospitals and professional laundry washing companies. Main advantage of the bags is their toughness, resistance to mechanical and chemical damage in order to prevent bag bursting and dropping contaminated clothing. The basic standards for laundry washing in the European Union are the RABC system (Risk Analysis Bio-contamination Control) that are in use throughout the healthcare facilities in Europe under EN 14065 RABC standard. The washing standard EN 14065 RABC describes the steps that must be taken to minimise the risk of transmission and spread of laundry infection. It is common knowledge that providing clean laundry is a basic requirement for patient care. Namely, laundry from health care institutions, military, police or other places that come into direct or indirect contact with people is a possible carrier of infectious diseases, and therefore appropriate procedures should be provided for handling such laundry, as inappropriate laundry operations may put the risk of infection on the staff handling the laundry and washing it.
Commonly used and contaminated/contagious laundry is stored at the point of occurrence in water-soluble bags and undergoes a washing process in the laundry room to obtain clean laundry. According to existing solutions, contaminated/contagious laundry is stored in a red bag of soluble alginate fibers (made of natural polymers), inside a transparent plastic laundry bag. A water-soluble bag is placed directly in the washing machine to minimize contact and prevent transmission of infection to laundry staff or to prevent contamination of the environment. The company is looking for foreign partners with whom they will sign distribution services agreement, commercial agency agreement or manufacturing agreement. The company is looking for a distributor to sell their products or an agent that will represent their products. Also, the company offers to manufacture these bags under manufacturing agreement. Because these bags are unique, there is a very good opportunity to offer the company's products to potential foreign partners.

Advantages & innovations Cooperation plus value: The company's products have two priority certificates from The State Intellectual Property Office - Croatian and European Patent Office.The company is doing business more than 30 years and owns more than 20 machines for the production and processing of plastic products. By introducing new business strategies and adapting to market needs, the company is also introducing stationery and the distribution of hygiene supplies into their offer.As already mentioned, this Croatian company is the only company in the world which produces PE-LD/PVA bags for washing contaminated or dirty clothing. Technical information:- 100 % recycled material - Thickness is 60 microns - Storage time is unlimited- Dimensions: 700x1100 mm ( 120 L )- One “yellow” bag is for one time washing only- Possible print with flexographic machine as costumer request - It can be recycled after using- Resistant to mechanical damage- Disinfected product- Simple to use- Color do not damage textile in any wayApplications:- Hospitals- Military- Police- Hotels / Tourism Stage of development Cooperation stage dev stage: Already on the market Partner sought Cooperation area: The company is looking for exclusive distributors, agents, hotels, hospitals or governments who are willing to support/represent or further distribute their product on the market.The company wants to sign distribution services agreement, commercial agency agreement or manufacturing agreement.As above mentioned, the company wants to connect and sign agreements with hotels, hospitals or governments or any potential business partner who is working with contaminated clothing.In commercial agency agreement, distribution services agreement and manufacturing agreement, the company will have the role of producer and supplier of their products to their business partners.In commercial agency agreement and distribution services agreement, the company is looking for a partner who has a great market network and an agent to represent company's products or services. Type and size Cooperation task: SME 11-50,SME 500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500 promo_1.jpg Promo material 03_yellow_peld_pva_bag_for_washing_contaminated_clothing.png Yellow - PELD PVA bag for washing contaminated clothing 04_red_peld_pva_bag_for_disposal_bags_for_washing_contaminated_clothing.png Red - PELD PVA bag for disposal bags for washing contaminated clothing 6.png Yellow bag

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 737882.



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