A French company specialized in technical and innovative yarns is looking for commercial agents and manufacturing agreements worldwide.

Summary: Located in the north of France since 1964, a leader in the supply of innovative yarns for the lace, home and technical textiles markets is looking for new commercial agency agreements and manufacturing agreements all over the world. Description Description: 

This French company, located in the north of France since 1964, supplies innovative yarns for the lace, home and technical textiles markets.

Placed between the spinners and the textile manufacturers, its role is decisive for companies in search of innovation for which differentiation is key in a globalized market that has become ultra-competitive.

Thanks to the transformations brought to the fibers, the customers can develop new fabrics, both from an aesthetic and technical point of view.

The production capacity is very flexible : from the supply of small quantities at the validation stage to the launch of industrial productions within reduced lead times.

Its unique know-how, resulting from the mastery of all the processing operations (texturing, winding, twisting, covering and heat-setting), makes it possible to satisfy the most complex request.

From 22 to over 40,000 dTex, solutions are provided in all types of materials such as : polyamide, polyester, viscose, aramide, polyethylene, polypropylene, glass, metal, steel, basalt, carbon, bonding yarns , Elastane, metallic yarns or any natural, artificial or synthetic fiber.

As a proof of its innovative spirit, its responsiveness, the top quality of its production, the company has clients all over the world in Europe, America, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

To pursue its international development, the company is looking for new commercial agency agreements and manufacturing agreements for the Italian, British, Russian, Swiss markets.

Advantages & innovations Cooperation plus value: The benefits and innovations of the company are as follows:-Preparation of antistatic yarns (first company in France to have assembled carbon yarns with Polyamide (PA) or Polyester (PES) bases)- Advices on the best combinations depending on the resistivity tests to be passed- High tenacity (HT) continuous filament texturing while maintaining maximum tenacity- Combination all types of raw materials, among them recycled and biobased yarns, thanks to its mastery of all the textile processing operations- The company can work in many sectors in particular: personal protective equipment (PPE), medical, boating, industry, clothing, lace, composites, filtration Technical Specification or Expertise Sought Cooperation sought: - OEKOTEX CLASSES 1 ET 2 Stage of development Cooperation stage dev stage: Already on the market Partner sought Cooperation area: The company is looking for sales agents with a very good knowledge of the technical textile market and with strong experience in the approach and follow-up of companies specializing in technical weaving and knitting in their respective markets. Regarding manufacturing contracts, they are looking for new company with innovative projets. Type and size Cooperation task: SME 11-50 Dissemination Dissemination sector group :  Dissemination preferred : Italy, Russia, Switzerland, United Kingdom

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 737882.



València Parc Tecnológic - Gustave Eiffel, 4 - 46980 Paterna - Valencia, SPAIN
+34 96 136 60 40 - fibfab@aimplas.es