Fabric-based items with three-dimensional shapes

A fabric-based item may be vacuum-formed into a three-dimensional shape. The fabric-based item may include one or more layers of fabric and one more polymer layers that can be molded when heated. To vacuum-form the fabric-based item into a three-dimensional shape, the fabric based item may be heated until the polymer layer reaches a forming temperature and becomes soft and pliable. When heated, a vacuum tool is used to pull the fabric-based item onto a mold so that the fabric-based item conforms to the shape of the mold. As the fabric-based item cools on the mold, the polymer material hardens into the shape imparted by the mold. The polymer material is able to hold the fabric layers in this shape after the layers are removed from the mold.

» Number: US10286636B1 (B1)

» Publication Date: 14/05/2019

» Applicant: APPLE INC?[US]

» Inventor: ELLIS SHANE?[US]

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