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The present invention relates to vial access devices, specifically to vials of liquid medicines containing toxic substances, for example, administered in chemotherapy treatments. Vial access devices need to be safe for the operators to prevent medical personnel being exposed to the risk of inhalation of toxic substances contained in the vial when its content is mixed for being administered. As the vials on the market have various configurations, particularly in relation to the diverse conformation and the different diameter of the relative neck, the annular skirt of the access device must be differently configured to be able to be coupled with one type or with another, different type of vial. For this reason, it is necessary to make a multiplicity of access devices available, which differ from each other by a diverse conformation of the annular skirt, precisely shaped according to different forms, to be able to adapt to the diverse existing vials. The present invention creates an access device for vials of the type mentioned above, which allows unifying the manufacture of the major part of its components, however, making it easily adaptable to any type of vial present on the market. The present invention therefore provides a vial access device, comprising a body having a projecting annular skirt that is elastically deformable, for engaging the complementary shaped neck of a vial, a tubular spike extending coaxially within said annular skirt for introducing into the vial, and a tubular connector protruding from the body on the side opposite to said annular skirt and in fluid communication with said tubular spike, wherein the tubular spike and the annular skirt are arranged, respectively, within a first and a second part, distinct from each other, and of which the first part bearing the tubular spike is permanently joined to said body and the second part bearing said annular skirt is connectable to the first part through an irreversible coupling, characterized in that the first part comprises a generally circular disc from which said tubular spike centrally projects, around which a crown of hollow axial projections is arranged, and the second part is formed with a crown of corresponding axial bores, within which said hollow axial projections are engaged and blocked by means of plastic deformation.

» Number: NZ714565A (A)

» Publication Date: 07/10/1993

» Applicant: BORLA IND

» Inventor: GUALA GIANNI

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