Thermoelectrics: Single?Crystal SnSe Thermoelectric Fibers via Laser?Induced Directional Crystallization: From 1D Fibers to Multidimensional Fabrics (Adv. Mater. 36/2020)

In article number 2002702, Ting Zhang, Lei Wei, and co?workers demonstrate a two?step method to achieve ultralong single?crystal SnSe wires with a stable rock?salt structure and high thermoelectric performance. Large?area, lightweight, breathable, and high?performance thermoelectric fabrics are achieved, which can continuously generate electricity, offering potential in flexible and wearable electronics.

» Author: Jing Zhang, Ting Zhang, Hang Zhang, Zhixun Wang, Chen Li, Zhe Wang, Kaiwei Li, Xingming Huang, Ming Chen, Zhe Chen, Zhiting Tian, Haisheng Chen, Li?Dong Zhao, Lei Wei

» Reference: doi:10.1002/adma.202070271

» Publication Date: 08/09/2020

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 737882.



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