Applications of chitin and chitosan based biomaterials for the adsorptive removal of textile dyes from water — A comprehensive review

The presence of pollutants in the water bodies deteriorate the water quality and make it unfit for use. From an environmental perspective, it is essential to develop new technologies for the wastewater treatment and recycling of dye contaminated water. The surface modified chitin and chitosan biopolymeric composites based adsorbents, have an important role in the toxic organic dyes from removal wastewater. The surface modification of biopolymers with various organics and inorganics produces more active sites at the surface of the adsorbent, which enhances dye and adsorbent interaction more reliable. Herein, the work brought in the thought of the application of various chitin and chitosan composites in wastewater remediation and suggested the versatility in composites for the development of rapid, selective and effective removal processes for the detoxification of a variety of organic dyes. It further emphasizes the existing obstruction and impending prediction for the deprivation of dyes via adsorption techniques.

» Author: Palliyalil Sirajudheen, Nabeena Chettithodi Poovathumkuzhi, Sivakumar Vigneshwaran, Basheer Meethale Chelaveettil, Sankaran Meenakshi

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 737882.



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