How International Specialty Chemical Companies Can Win Big in China: Experts at Infiniti Research share Critical Insights

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Although most specialty chemical companies achieve huge profitability in the domestic market and foreign markets, they struggle to replicate the same success in China. In their recent article, experts at Infiniti Research dissect the problem areas for specialty chemical companies in China and explain how international specialty chemical companies can rethink their market strategy to successfully establish their business in the region.

“Margins in specialty chemicals in China for international companies are structurally lower than in other regions and also show wide variance between leaders and laggards,” says a chemical industry expert at Infiniti Research.

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The performance shortfalls of specialty chemical companies in China are fueled by a number of factors. Some of them include insufficient tailoring of products to suit the Chinese market, limited access to important potential customers when compared to local players, and rapid adoption of western technical know-how by local competitors. Considering the fact that China’s specialty chemical market is witnessing steady growth, international specialty chemical companies operating in China must rethink their existing approach and strategies to avoid getting left behind. International specialty chemical companies operating in China can learn from their past mistakes and strategize to reengineer their operations to thrive long-term in the country. Correctly positioning themselves in the market will prove crucial for specialty chemical companies over the next decade. Read the complete article for more insights on how chemical companies can re-engineer their existing strategies to suit the specialty chemical market demands in China.

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» Publication Date: 13/03/2020

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