Kuraray at JEC World: Steel-alternative Multifilament Yarn, PA Fiber and more

Kuraray will be exhibiting its PA9T heat-resistant polyamide fiber for automotive components, Vectran™ multifilament yarn that is five times stronger than steel for feather-light structures and VECRUS™ LCP non-woven fabric at JEC World 2020 on May 12 - 14, 2020 (Hall 6, Booth F83).

Different Products at Display
Kuraray's experts will be on hand at Booth F83 in Hall 6 with information on the following products:

  • PA9T – Thanks to its the heat and chemical resistance, this high-performance polymer is used in electronic and electrical device, and automotive parts.
  • KURAFLEX™ – This ultra-fine non-woven fabric is an ideal matrix material for reinforced thermoplastic composites
  • Vectran™ – This lightweight LCP fiber gives composites for top-performing sports equipment very high mechanical stability
  • VECRUS™ – This LCP non-woven fabric has low moisture absorbency and excellent dielectric properties, making it ideal for circuit boards.

Composites are the key to developing innovative and sustainable new technologies, such as electric vehicles,” says Hidekazu Taniguchi, Head of BU Industrial Fibers. “Technical potential can be utilized better with our innovative fibers and non-woven fabrics, resulting in higher efficiency. For example, at JEC World we are exhibiting our multifilament yarn, Vectran™. Its unique tensile strength makes it suitable for exceptionally lightweight structures such as professional racing bikes.”

PA9T Fibers for Heat and Chemical-resistance
Kuraray’s PA9T is an extremely resistant fiber material for the most demanding applications. Thanks to its outstanding resistance to heat and chemicals, PA9T is used as a separator paper in high-performance battery cells, for example for electric vehicles. In combination with fiberglass and carbon fiber materials, this semi-aromatic polyamide can be used in the manufacture of advanced laminates and hybrid non-woven.

Applications include components for automotive, aviation and aerospace industries. Kuraray also supplies this polymer material as a thermoplastic filament for pultrusion. Dimensional stability and low water absorbency make PA9T ideal for electrical and electronic components.

Multifilament Yarn for High-strength Composites
Visitors to Kuraray's booth can also find information on the specific properties of Vectran™ multifilament yarn. Spun from liquid crystal polymer (LCP), this fiber has exceptional strength and rigidity relative to its weight: Vectran™ is five times strong than steel and ten times stronger than aluminum. In addition, Vectran™ has excellent mechanical strength, is slash and abrasion-resistant, and has excellent dimensional stability - ideal for use in high-performance sports equipment such as racing bikes and professional golf equipment. LCP fibres retain their dimensional stability when exposed to heat. Unique dielectric properties make them an excellent choice for use in the electronics industry. Moreover, Vectran™ is used in the outer shell of aircraft and spacecraft.

Ultra-fine Non-woven Fabric for Strong Composites
KURAFLEX™ melt-blown non-woven is a very thin fabric with an ultra-fine structure. That makes it an ideal matrix material for reinforced thermoplastic composites and carbon fiber reinforced plastics. Kuraray markets KURAFLEX™ in various grades made from different polymers - for example, based on liquid crystal polymer, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) or styrene ethylene propylene styrene (SEPS). Users therefore have access to customized products with features such as high impact resistance or vibration damping properties.

The fibers in VECRUS™ non-woven fabrics are melt-blown from liquid crystal polymer, which gives them a particularly fine structure. These non-wovens have outstanding heat-resistance and low moisture absorbency. Thanks to its low weight, VECRUS™ can be used in the manufacture of heat resistant panels and ultra-lightweight fiber reinforced plastic sheets. Main applications include the electrical and electronics industry. Excellent electric insulation, heat resistance and impregnating properties make this LCP non-woven an optimum choice for printed circuit boards.

» Publication Date: 17/03/2020

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