Aluminum coating suitable for EMS

Alucoat is an aluminum-coated glass or basalt multi-filament yarn for electro-magnetic shielding (EMS) applications.

Consultancy company AMAC has agreed to help launch products manufactured by Fibercoat GmbH, a supplier of coated fibers for composite and shielding.

This includes Alucoat, an aluminum-coated glass or basalt multi-filament yarn for electro-magnetic shielding (EMS) applications, according to the companies. FiberCoat, a spin-off of RWTH Aachen University, also develops multi-filament coated yarns, fabrics and composites based on glass or basalt fibers.

‘FiberCoat is a very promising newcomer in the electro-magnetic shielding and composites industry and their innovations are very cost-efficient for new technologies such as e-mobility or telecommunications,’ said Dr Michael Effing, CEO of AMAC.

According to the company, Alucoat has better thermal conductivity and heat transfer compared to traditional composite material and can be used for the manufacturing of automotive battery trays or industrial applications such as fine particulate air filters.

It is available from January 2021 as a yarn, fabric or non-woven with a range of possible titers and areal weight. The material can offer an electrical conductivity of 100 Ωm and a working temperature of at least 400 °C, AMAC said. It can also be used for the shielding of low to high frequencies with an effectiveness of 80 to 120 dB.

‘Alucoat is the first product on the market where each single filament is coated uniformly during the spinning process,’ said Dr Robert Brüll, CEO of FiberCoat.

Dr Brüll says that FiberCoat is now working on a product consisting of multi-filament glass fiber coated with polypropylene, for automotive and industrial applications.

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» Publication Date: 01/12/2020

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