Toyoda Gosei advanced LEDs light up vehicle interiors

KIYOSU, Japan – Full-color lighting of automotive interiors is the latest outcome from Toyoda Gosei Co. Ltd.'s design-strategy of combining electronic components with core rubber and plastics technologies.

The Japanese manufacturer has developed LED lamps that infuse vehicle interiors with up to 64 hues of color to suit occupants' mood and other individual preferences.

Already in use on the new Lexus NX, the lamps incorporate red, green and blue LEDs in a single unit to generate a full range of color options, Toyoda Gosei said in a Dec. 3 release.

Color variance is minimized by incorporating an electronic component that controls the amount of light: helping to create desired colors in the vehicle space, according to the company.

The design represents a significant advance on previous LED vehicle interior lamps, which produce only slight differences in color in different locations, said Toyoda Gosei.

The company's statement did not include details of the polymer technologies employed in the automotive interior lights.

» Publication Date: 10/12/2021

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