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27/11/2019 - Dutch kids clothing brand is looking for Asian suppliers of children’s poly vinyl chloride boots
19/11/2019 - Slovenian SME active in the textile industry is offering its products ranging from sewing threads and buttons to mounting press machines under commercial agency and services agreements, and is ready to provide technical consultancy in related fields
15/10/2019 - Romanian company specialized in the manufacture of textile articles is looking for EU partners to collaborate under distribution service or manufacturing agreements
11/10/2019 - Technology to build anaerobic digesters, cover domes and constant pressure gasholders with double-sided PVC-coated fiber fabric.
01/10/2019 - Polish company seeks producers/suppliers of polyester fabrics for the production of internal blinds under supplier agreement.
25/09/2019 - Fabricante de fibra de PLA
23/08/2019 - A Bulgarian company offers a wide range of polyamide socks, tights, knee highs, stockings and other similar products under distribution services agreement.
19/08/2019 - Un nuevo est?ndar en moda ponible y en tendencias para tejidos inteligentes
12/08/2019 - A Romanian company, manufacturer of trimmings and narrow fabrics, offers its products under manufacturing agreement or distribution service agreement
12/08/2019 - An Albanian company producer specialized on producing clothes like army uniforms, work wear, pants, polo and T-Shirts seeks agents and distributors.
31/07/2019 - Czech SME seeks a manufacturer or a supplier of polymer textile with good moisture transfer capability under supplier agreement
27/05/2019 - Materiales sostenibles para la confección de prendas renovables
26/04/2019 - Organoides en 3D proporcionan información sobre la biología de las células madre
25/03/2019 - Nueva sonda intraoperatoria para el tejido mamario canceroso
10/12/2018 - Seeking partners with expertise in high-tech textiles and novel polymers to develop ecological garments
12/11/2018 - Romanian manufacturer of men and women clothing offers its services under manufacturing agreement to foreign partners
22/10/2018 - A start-up, high-end British fashion designer seeks agents and distributors
19/10/2018 - A start-up, high-end, British fashion brand seeks manufacturing agreements
24/09/2018 - Dutch designer with a sustainable women?s clothing brand is looking for a production partner, to collaborate in the framework of a manufacturing agreement.
24/09/2018 - Hotmelt-glues for the production of bio-based strapping material
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