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15/01/2021 - The Effects of PEI Hollow Fiber Substrate Characteristics on PDMS/PEI Hollow Fiber Membranes for CO2/N2 Separation
15/01/2021 - Functionalization of Woven Fabrics with PBT Yarns
14/01/2021 - Mechanical Properties and Thermal Conductivity of Epoxy Resin Reinforced with Functionalized Graphene Nano?Sheets and Woven Glass Fabric.
14/01/2021 - Morphological, mechanical, and thermal characterization of electrospun three?dimensional graphite nanoplatelets/polystyrene ultra?fine fibril composite fabrics
13/01/2021 - New Flexible Protective Coating for Printed Smart Textiles
12/01/2021 - The role of cellulose nanofibrillated fibers produced with combined supercritical carbon dioxide and high?pressure homogenization process as reinforcement material in biodegradable polymer
12/01/2021 - Bacteria Adhesion of Textiles Influenced by Wettability and Pore Characteristics of Fibrous Substrates
11/01/2021 - Reinforcing effect of nanocrystalline cellulose and office waste paper fibers on mechanical and thermal properties of poly (lactic acid) composites
11/01/2021 - Structure and properties of oxycellulose fabric crosslinked with soy protein
11/01/2021 - UV protection and antibacterial treatment of cellulosic fibre (cotton) using chitosan and onion skin dye
11/01/2021 - Telechelic PEG?polymers end?capped with chromophores: Using as cationic reactive dyes and salt?free dyeing properties on cotton fabrics
11/01/2021 - Enhancing Piezoelectricity of Polyvinylidene Fluoride Nano Wrapped Yarns with an Innovative Yarn Electrospinning Technique
11/01/2021 - Plasma treatment toward electrically conductive and superhydrophobic cotton fibers by in situ preparation of polypyrrole and silver nanoparticles
08/01/2021 - Fiber-Based Sensors and Energy Systems for Wearable Electronics
07/01/2021 - Study of the Influence of PCL on the In Vitro Degradation of Extruded PLA Monofilaments and Melt-Spun Filaments
07/01/2021 - Synthesis of paraffin@PS/reduced graphene oxide microcapsules via Pickering emulsion for multi-protective coatings
07/01/2021 - Antioxidant and hydrophobic Cotton fabric resisting accelerated ageing
07/01/2021 - Experimental characterisation of textile compaction response: A benchmark exercise
07/01/2021 - Experimental investigation, using 3D digital image correlation, into the effect of component geometry on the wrinkling behaviour and the wrinkling mechanisms of a biaxial NCF during preforming
07/01/2021 - Experimental investigation on timber-glass double-lap adhesive joints reinforced with nylon fabric
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