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16/09/2021 - Polyaniline/silver nanowire cotton fiber: A flexible electrode material for supercapacitor
15/09/2021 - Recycling of Nonwoven Polyethylene Terephthalate Textile into Thermal and Acoustic Insulation for More Sustainable Buildings
14/09/2021 - Preparation and Ballistic Performance of a Multi-Layer Armor System Composed of Kevlar/Polyurea Composites and Shear Thickening Fluid (STF)-Filled Paper Honeycomb Panels
13/09/2021 - Mechanical Properties of Sugar Palm (Arenga pinnata Wurmb. Merr)/Glass Fiber-Reinforced Poly(lactic acid) Hybrid Composites for Potential Use in Motorcycle Components
13/09/2021 - In-plane shear behaviour of adobe masonry wallets strengthened with textile reinforced mortar
09/09/2021 - Surface Modification of Commercial Cotton Yarn as Electrode for Construction of Flexible Fiber-Shaped Supercapacitor
09/09/2021 - Highly Sensitive and Stretchable c-MWCNTs/PPy Embedded Multidirectional Strain Sensor Based on Double Elastic Fabric for Human Motion Detection
07/09/2021 - Surface integration of polyelectrolyte and zeolitic imidazolate framework-67 for multifunctional poly (lactic acid) non-woven fabrics
07/09/2021 - Transparent cellulose/aramid nanofibers films with improved mechanical and ultraviolet shielding performance from waste cotton textiles by in-situ fabrication
07/09/2021 - Applications of chitin and chitosan based biomaterials for the adsorptive removal of textile dyes from water — A comprehensive review
07/09/2021 - In-plane thermal conductivity of multi-walled carbon nanotube yarns under mechanical loading
07/09/2021 - Biochemical, genotoxic, histological and ultrastructural effects on liver and gills of fresh water fish Channa punctatus exposed to textile industry intermediate 2 ABS
07/09/2021 - Fabrication and optimization of multifunctional nanoporous aerogels using recycled textile fibers from car tire wastes for oil-spill cleaning, heat-insulating and sound absorbing applications
07/09/2021 - In situ grafting coupling agent on polyester fabric to significantly improve the interfacial adhesion to silicone rubber
07/09/2021 - Effects of mean load on interlaminar fracture behavior of carbon-epoxy prepreg fabric laminates under Mode I fatigue loading
07/09/2021 - Axial impact behavior of Large-Rupture-Strain (LRS) fiber reinforced polymer (FRP)-confined concrete cylinders
07/09/2021 - A dissipative model for deep-drawing simulations: Elastic springback prediction and incremental forming strategies
07/09/2021 - In-plane and out-of-plane characterization of a 3D angle interlock textile composite
07/09/2021 - A mixed lubrication model for inter-ply friction behaviour of uncured fabric prepregs
07/09/2021 - A hypoelastic stress resultant shell approach for simulations of textile composite reinforcement forming
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