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08/04/2021 - Double-Encapsulated Microcapsules for the Adsorption to Cotton Fabrics
08/04/2021 - Fabrication of Graphene Based Durable Intelligent Personal Protective Clothing for Conventional and Non-Conventional Chemical Threats
08/04/2021 - Use of Extended Cover Factor Theory in UV Protection of Woven Fabric
08/04/2021 - Development and Investigation of PEDOT:PSS Composition Coated Fabrics Intended for Microwave Shielding and Absorption
07/04/2021 - Failure mechanisms of geosynthetic clay liner and textured geomembrane composite systems
07/04/2021 - Geosynthetics reinforced interposed layer to protect structures on deep foundations against strike-slip fault rupture
07/04/2021 - Preparation and Characterization of Electromagnetic Shielding Composites Based on Graphene-Nanosheets-Loaded Nonwoven Fabric
07/04/2021 - Carboxymethyl Cellulose and Carboxymethyl Starch as Surface Modifiers and Greying Inhibitors in Washing of Cotton Fabrics
06/04/2021 - Chelating Fabrics Prepared by an Organic Solvent-Free Process for Boron Removal from Water
05/04/2021 - Preparation of Long Sisal Fiber-Reinforced Polylactic Acid Biocomposites with Highly Improved Mechanical Performance
05/04/2021 - Monodispersed colored polymer latex particles with film formation and chemical crosslinking for application on textile binder-free printing
05/04/2021 - Intralayer interfacial sliding effect on the anti-impact performance of STF/Kevlar composite fabric
05/04/2021 - Concrete girders retrofitted with basalt fibre fabric – A feasibility study using lab tests and field application
05/04/2021 - The Effect of High Glass Fiber Content and Reinforcement Combination on Pulse-Echo Ultrasonic Measurement of Composite Ship Structures
05/04/2021 - Fiber Formation and Structural Development of HBA/HNA Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Polymer in High-Speed Melt Spinning
02/04/2021 - A strategy to decelerate and capture a spinning object by a dual-arm space robot
02/04/2021 - Melt-Spun Photoluminescent Polymer Optical Fibers for Color-Tunable Textile Illumination
02/04/2021 - Properties of Surface Heating Textile for Functional Warm Clothing Based on a Composite Heating Element with a Positive Temperature Coefficient
02/04/2021 - Enhancement of the Thermal Performance of the Paraffin-Based Microcapsules Intended for Textile Applications
02/04/2021 - Review on Spinning of Biopolymer Fibers from Starch
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