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24/01/2020 - Novel bioresource?based poly(3?Hydroxybutyrate?co?4?Hydroxybutyrate)/poly(LacticAcid) blend fibers with high strength and toughness via melt?spinning
23/01/2020 - Shear behavior of woven and non-crimp fabric based thermoplastic composites at near-processing conditions
23/01/2020 - Facile Preparation of Flame Retardant Cotton Fabric via Adhesion of Mg(OH)2 by the Assistance of Ionic Liquid
23/01/2020 - Study on atmospheric air glow discharge plasma generation and surface modification of carbon fiber fabric
22/01/2020 - Compatibilities and properties of poly lactide/poly (methyl acrylate) grafted chicken feather composite: Effects of graft chain length
22/01/2020 - High strength ultrafine cellulose fibers generated by solution blow spinning
22/01/2020 - Green synthesis of copper oxide nanoparticles: a promising approach in the development of antibacterial textiles
22/01/2020 - Coagulation- and Adsorption-Based Environmental Impact Assessment and Textile Effluent Treatment
20/01/2020 - The nonlinear orthotropic material model describing biaxial tensile behavior of PVC coated fabrics
20/01/2020 - Plasma Electrolysis Spraying Al2O3 Coating onto Quartz Fiber Fabric for Enhanced Thermal Conductivity and Stability
20/01/2020 - Formation of Coatings Based on Titanium Dioxide Nanosolson Polyester Fibre Materials
17/01/2020 - Determination of geomembrane – protective geotextile friction angle: An insight into the shear rate effect
17/01/2020 - Acoustic Emission and Numerical Analysis of Pine Beams Retrofitted with FRP and Poplar Wood
17/01/2020 - Indicators of Consumers’ Preferences for Bio-Based Apparel: A German Case Study with a Functional Rain Jacket Made of Bioplastic
16/01/2020 - Assessing strain fields in unbalanced unidirectional non-crimp fabrics
16/01/2020 - High?performance poly(vinylidene fluoride)?polyamide 11/lithium niobate nanocomposites for the applications in air filtration
16/01/2020 - 3D printed PCL scaffold reinforced with continuous biodegradable fiber yarn: A study on mechanical and cell viability properties
16/01/2020 - Fluffy Polypropylene–Polyethylene glycol fabrics with branched micro- and nanofibrous structures for rapid liquid transport
14/01/2020 - Single polymer composite sheets from polypropylene nonwoven fabric and films. Influence of processing conditions on final properties
13/01/2020 - Meso/macro scale response of the comingled glass polypropylene 2-2 twill woven fabric under shear pre-tension coupling
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