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16/08/2019 - Tensile properties of 3D multi-layer wrapping braided composite: Progressive damage analysis
16/08/2019 - Structural performance of lightweight concrete beams strengthened with side-externally bonded reinforcement (S-EBR) technique using CFRP fabrics
16/08/2019 - Rhodamine B hydrazide loaded polysulfone fabrics for Cu(II) detection: morphological and optical properties
16/08/2019 - An effective method of processing immiscible polymer blends into strong fiber
16/08/2019 - Investigation of thermal comfort in nanofibrous three?layer fabric for cold weather protective clothing
15/08/2019 - Compression resilience and impact resistance of fiber?reinforced sandwich composites
14/08/2019 - Improved properties of corn fiber-reinforced polylactide composites by incorporating silica nanoparticles at interfaces
13/08/2019 - Carbon Nanotube Yarn for Fiber?Shaped Electrical Sensors, Actuators, and Energy Storage for Smart Systems
13/08/2019 - In situ synthesis of Fe 3 O 4 -reinforced carbon fiber composites as anodes in lithium-ion batteries
13/08/2019 - On the Micromixing Behavior of a Spinning Disk Reactor for Metallic Cu Nanoparticles Production
12/08/2019 - Experimental investigation of energy absorption behaviour of circular carbon/epoxy composite tubes under quasi-static and dynamic crush loading
12/08/2019 - Sorption and dielectric properties of jute woven fabrics: Effect of chemical composition
12/08/2019 - Investigation on structure and characteristics of alpaca?based wet?spun polyacrylonitrile composite fibers by utilizing natural textile waste
12/08/2019 - High-level expression of Humicola insolens cutinase in Pichia pastoris without carbon starvation and its use in cotton fabric bioscouring
12/08/2019 - Investigation about the Effect of Manufacturing Parameters on the Mechanical Behaviour of Natural Fibre Nonwovens Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites
12/08/2019 - Hydrogel Functionalized Polyester Fabrics by UV-Induced Photopolymerization
09/08/2019 - Functionalization of polyethylene terephthalate fabrics using nitrogen plasma and silk fibroin/chitosan microspheres
09/08/2019 - Compression After Multiple Low Velocity Impacts of NCF, 2D and 3D Woven Composites
08/08/2019 - Experimental, analytical and numerical investigation to prevent the tow buckling defect during fabric forming
08/08/2019 - Optimization of the cationizing condition in salt?free reactive dyeing of cotton fabric with the pad?irradiate?pad?steam process using response surface methodology
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