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18/09/2020 - Thermoelectrics: Single?Crystal SnSe Thermoelectric Fibers via Laser?Induced Directional Crystallization: From 1D Fibers to Multidimensional Fabrics (Adv. Mater. 36/2020)
18/09/2020 - Color-Variable Photodynamic Antimicrobial Wool/Acrylic Blended Fabrics
16/09/2020 - Tunable Wettability of Biodegradable Multilayer Sandwich-Structured Electrospun Nanofibrous Membranes
16/09/2020 - Mechanical characterization of textile reinforced cementitious composites under impact tensile loading using the split Hopkinson tension bar
16/09/2020 - Robust and durable polymer grafted cotton fabrics for sequential oil/water separation and heavy metal ions removal based on surface initiated ATRP
16/09/2020 - Synthesis of a reactive boron-based flame retardant to enhance the flame retardancy of silk
15/09/2020 - Comparative study of the influence of graphene nanoplatelets filler on the mechanical and tribological behavior of glass fabric?reinforced epoxy composites
14/09/2020 - Synergized high?load bearing bone replacement composite from poly(lactic acid) reinforced with hydroxyapatite/glass fiber hybrid filler—Mechanical and dynamic mechanical properties
14/09/2020 - Fabrication and properties of carboxymethyl chitosan/polyethylene oxide composite nonwoven mats by centrifugal spinning
14/09/2020 - Influence of Gamma Radiation on Mechanical Properties of Jute Fabric-Reinforced Polymer Composites
14/09/2020 - Laundry Care Regimes: Do the Practices of Keeping Clothes Clean Have Different Environmental Impacts Based on the Fibre Content?
14/09/2020 - Chitin/cellulose blend fibers prepared by wet and dry?wet spinning
11/09/2020 - Design optimization for thermal conductivity of plain-woven textile composites
11/09/2020 - Polymer Composite Materials Fiber-Reinforced for the Reinforcement/Repair of Concrete Structures
10/09/2020 - Cotton fabric derived ?Fe magnetic porous carbon as electrocatalyst for alkaline direct ethanol fuel cell
10/09/2020 - Characterization of mode II specimen using I-fiber Stitching process
10/09/2020 - Influence of fabric geometry on yarn pull?out property and wear performance of hybrid S?glass/PTFE fabric?reinforced composites
09/09/2020 - Influence of the Degradation Medium on Water Uptake, Morphology, and Chemical Structure of Poly(Lactic Acid)-Sisal Bio-Composites
09/09/2020 - Deposition of Copper on Poly(Lactide) Non-Woven Fabrics by Magnetron Sputtering—Fabrication of New Multi-Functional, Antimicrobial Composite Materials
09/09/2020 - Cotton fabrics decorated with nanostructured Ag/AgX (X:Cl,Br) as reusable solar light-mediated bactericides: A comparative study
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