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14/01/2022 - Stable superhydrophobic and conductive surface: Fabrication of interstitial coral-like copper nanostructure by self-assembly and spray deposition
13/01/2022 - Eminent Industrial and Biotechnological Applications of Laccases from Bacterial Source: a Current Overview
13/01/2022 - Superdurable fiber-reinforced composite enabled by synergistic bridging effects of MXene and carbon nanotubes
13/01/2022 - Transformation of petroleum asphaltenes to carbon fibers
13/01/2022 - Dry-jet wet spinning and encapsulating for preparing multifunctional fibers based on anti-Rayleigh-Plateau-Instability solution
13/01/2022 - Flexible strain sensors for wearable applications fabricated using novel functional nanocomposites: A review
13/01/2022 - An experimental investigation into flexural properties of hybrid carbon-basalt triaxially braided composite lamina
12/01/2022 - Various colloid systems for drawing of aluminum oxide fibers
12/01/2022 - Synthesis and characterization of bola polyhydroxy silicon quaternary ammonium and colorfastness for cotton fabric
12/01/2022 - A critical review on the treatment of dye-containing wastewater: Ecotoxicological and health concerns of textile dyes and possible remediation approaches for environmental safety
12/01/2022 - Effective mitigation of single-component and mixed textile dyes from aqueous media using recyclable graphene-based nanocomposite
12/01/2022 - Ecotoxicological Evaluation and Treatment of a Denim-Laundry Wastewater
11/01/2022 - Microbes team with nanoscale zero-valent iron: A robust route for degradation of recalcitrant pollutants
11/01/2022 - Efficient Recognition and Automatic Sorting Technology of Waste Textiles Based on Online Near infrared Spectroscopy and Convolutional Neural Network
10/01/2022 - Carrier-Free Cross-linked Laccase Crystals for Biocatalytic Degradation of Textile Industrial Effluents
10/01/2022 - Analysis of woven fabrics forming through a comparison between discrete elastic and hypoelastic approaches based on mesoscale structure
10/01/2022 - Thermomechanical fatigue behaviors and failure mechanism of 2.5D shallow curve-link-shaped woven composites
10/01/2022 - Oil-grinded recycled kapok fiber as a bio-packing for eco-friendly modified asphalt and its aging resistance behavior
10/01/2022 - Next-generation high-performance sustainable hybrid composite materials from silica-rich granite waste particulates and jute textile fibres in epoxy resin
10/01/2022 - Nonlinear characteristics and a new fractional constitutive model for warp-knitted NCF composites under normal loading conditions
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