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23/10/2020 - Halochromic poly (lactic acid) film for acid base sensor
23/10/2020 - Ionotronic Luminescent Fibers, Fabrics, and Other Configurations
23/10/2020 - Impact Resistance and Comfort Properties of Textile Structures for Sportswear
23/10/2020 - Numerical Simulation of Edge Effect in Resin Transfer Molding for Plain-weave Fabric
23/10/2020 - Effects of Heat Treatments on Puncture Resistant Properties of Polyamine and Polyamide-based Nonwoven Fabrics
23/10/2020 - Banana Pseudostem Sap as a Biomordant for Dyeing of Silk with Celosia Flower
23/10/2020 - Novel One Step Printing and Functional Finishing of Wool Fabric Using Selenium Nanoparticles
23/10/2020 - Objective Evaluation of Fabric Wrinkles Based on 2-D Gabor Transform
23/10/2020 - Evaluation of Molasses as a Green Reducing Agent in Sulfur Dyeing
23/10/2020 - Waste Jute Fabric as a Biosorbent for Heavy Metal Ions from Aqueous Solution
23/10/2020 - High-throughput Fabrication of Chitosan/Poly(ethylene oxide) Nanofibers by Modified Free Surface Electrospinning
23/10/2020 - Study on filtration process of geotextile with LBM-DEM-DLVO coupling method
23/10/2020 - Impact of Apparatus Orientation and Gravity in Electrospinning—A Review of Empirical Evidence
23/10/2020 - High-Performance Polyacrylic Acid-Grafted PVDF Nanofiltration Membrane with Good Antifouling Property for the Textile Industry
22/10/2020 - The Effects of Hybridisation of Composites Consisting of Aramid, Carbon, and Hemp Fibres in a Quasi-Static Penetration Test
22/10/2020 - Bactericidal and In-Vitro Cytotoxic Efficacy of Silver Nanoparticles (Ag-NPs) Fabricated by Endophytic Actinomycetes and Their Use as Coating for the Textile Fabrics
21/10/2020 - A comprehensive review of characterization and simulation methods for thermo-stamping of 2D woven fabric reinforced thermoplastics
21/10/2020 - Effect of CS2/NaOH activation on the hydrophobic durability of cotton filter fabric modified via ARGET-ATRP
21/10/2020 - Safety Concept for Textile-Reinforced Concrete Structures with Bending Load
21/10/2020 - Improving Mechanical Textile Recycling by Lubricant Pre-Treatment to Mitigate Length Loss of Fibers
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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 737882.



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