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10/09/2021 - Carbon nanotube threads produce heart-monitoring shirts
07/09/2021 - Ferrara Manufacturing adds a PPE division to their operation through #TyvekTogether
07/09/2021 - Installation of spunbond system
03/09/2021 - King’s Hawaiian settles packaging trade dress lawsuit with SSI
02/09/2021 - FET installs new Spunbond system at University of Leeds
02/09/2021 - Novel composites jacket for structural repair won research commercialisation award
24/08/2021 - New dolls for the lifesavers of tomorrow
16/08/2021 - Continental to Use Reprocessed Polyester for Sustainable Tire Production
05/08/2021 - Espansi con riciclato certificato
04/08/2021 - SK chemicals and Huvis to produce polyester yarn with chemical recycling technology
27/07/2021 - Improve your machine tool efficiency and precision with integrated system solutions
21/07/2021 - Applynano consigue financiación del proyecto europeo Galáctica
08/07/2021 - Patronales y sindicatos firman el convenio colectivo estatal del sector textil y de la confección para los próximos tres años
07/07/2021 - La compañía forma y capta talento tecnológico y ofrece soluciones para mejorar la productividad del tejido empresarial del paísFesto cumple 50 años en España
07/07/2021 - "Lavar la ropa es imprescindible para la exploración espacial del futuro"
06/07/2021 - Roboticizing fabric by integrating functional fibers
05/07/2021 - Huntsman’s New Improved TPU for Fire Hoses and Textiles
02/07/2021 - Hooded blankets are cozy, but they are not great for oceans or our health
17/06/2021 - Eco-friendly technology to produce energy from textile waste
10/06/2021 - Genomatica Survey: 1 in 3 U.S. consumers would do all their shopping at a sustainable clothing store, if only one existed - Bio-based News -
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