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06/10/2021 - Unexpected hydrophobic to hydrophilic transition of PET fabric treated in a deep eutectic solvent of choline chloride and oxalic acid
05/10/2021 - Secondary Raw Materials from Residual Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Composites by An Upgraded Pyrolysis Process
04/10/2021 - The Bacterial Control of Poly (Lactic Acid) Nanofibers Loaded with Plant-Derived Monoterpenoids via Emulsion Electrospinning
04/10/2021 - Robust conformal adaptive meshing of complex textile composites unit cells
04/10/2021 - A multi-scale finite element approach for the mechanical behavior analysis of 3D braided composite structures
04/10/2021 - Association of heat shock protein70-2 genotypes with hypertension among textile workers occupationally exposed to noise
04/10/2021 - Advanced Eco-Friendly Formulations of Guar Biopolymer-Based Textile Conditioners
01/10/2021 - Influence of Newly Organosolv Lignin-Based Interface Modifier on Mechanical and Thermal Properties, and Enzymatic Degradation of Polylactic Acid/Chitosan Biocomposites
01/10/2021 - Coating of modified ZnO nanoparticles on cotton fabrics for enhanced functional characteristics
01/10/2021 - Application of Solution Blow Spinning for Rapid Fabrication of Gelatin/Nylon 66 Nanofibrous Film
01/10/2021 - Facile In Situ Synthesis of ZnO Flower-like Hierarchical Nanostructures by the Microwave Irradiation Method for Multifunctional Textile Coatings
30/09/2021 - Valorization of Sugarcane Straw for the Development of Sustainable Biopolymer-Based Composites
30/09/2021 - Decolourisation and Biodegradation of Textile Di-azo Dye Congo Red by Chryseobacterium geocarpopshaerae DD3
29/09/2021 - Application of Fragrance Microcapsules onto Cotton Fabric after Treatment with Oxygen and Nitrogen Plasma
29/09/2021 - Sandwich Structures Reflecting Thermal Radiation Produced by the Human Body
28/09/2021 - Effect of Chemically Treated Kenaf Fibre on Mechanical and Thermal Properties of PLA Composites Prepared through Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
28/09/2021 - Additive Manufacturing in the Clothing Industry: Towards Sustainable New Business Models
28/09/2021 - Anisotropic Mechanical Response and Strain Localization of a Metallic Glassy-Fiber-Reinforced Polyethylene Terephthalate Fabric
27/09/2021 - LBL generated fire retardant nanocomposites on cotton fabric using cationized starch-clay-nanoparticles matrix
27/09/2021 - Post-synthesis treatment improves the electrical properties of dry-spun carbon nanotube yarns
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