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29/11/2021 - Flame Retardancy and Thermal Behavior of Wool Fabric Treated with a Phosphorus-Containing Polycarboxylic Acid
29/11/2021 - Optimizing Bladder Resin Transfer Molding Process to Manufacture Complex, Thin-Ply Thermoplastic Tubular Composite Structures: An Experimental Case Study
29/11/2021 - Analysis of the Mechanical and Preforming Behaviors of Carbon-Kevlar Hybrid Woven Reinforcement
29/11/2021 - Germanium-titanium-π Polymer Composites as Functional Textiles for Clinical Strategy to Evaluate Blood Circulation Improvement and Sexual Satisfaction
29/11/2021 - Ultrathin Multilayer Textile Structure with Enhanced EMI Shielding and Air-Permeable Properties
29/11/2021 - Simulation of the Hybrid Carbon-Aramid Composite Materials Based on Mechanical Characterization by Digital Image Correlation Method
29/11/2021 - Structures and properties of polyimide fibers prepared via gel spinning induced by chemical imidization
29/11/2021 - Investigating thermomechanical recycling of poly(ethylene terephthalate) containing phosphorus flame retardants
29/11/2021 - Emerging applications of aerogels in textiles
12/11/2021 - An X-ray computed tomography analysis of damage induced by thermal cycling in non-crimp fabric composites
12/11/2021 - Systematic Analysis of the Deformational Properties of Polypropylene and Polyvinylidene Fluoride Surgical Materials
12/11/2021 - Separation of Deformation Components in Polymer Textile Materials
12/11/2021 - Hydrogen sensing by RGB investigation of gasochromic coloration of MoO3/Pd-coated polyester fabrics
12/11/2021 - Synthesis of Betaine Copolymer for Surface Modification of Cotton Fabric by Enhancing Temperature-Sensitive and Anti-Protein Specific Absorption Performance
11/11/2021 - Characterization and Filtration Efficiency of Sustainable PLA Fibers Obtained via a Hybrid 3D-Printed/Electrospinning Technique
11/11/2021 - Criteria for Confidence Prediction of Relaxation Processes of Polymer Textile Materials
11/11/2021 - Activation Energy of Deformation Processes in Polymer Textile Materials
11/11/2021 - Effect of Plastic Component of Defromation on Accuracy of Prediction of Functional Properties of Polymeric Materials
11/11/2021 - Comparative Analysis of the Deformation Characteristics of Aramid Textile Materials
11/11/2021 - Statistical Approach to Description of Percolation Processes in Composite Filaments Filled with Anisotropic Nonagglomerating Carbon Nanofiller
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